Howdy Folks, Life seems to be falling into a groove, work in the morning, do other things in the arvos, sleep at night, thus is the working life for now.

I had a couple of rejection letters the other day, they were quite fun (NOT!!).
I’m interested to see how the recruitment process works from the employers point of view, that’d be something that may improve my fulltime job opportunities…

We lost indoor soccer last night with a very very ugly score of 8-0. But I think we still had fun, which is the important thing, although I have a fairly nasty bruise on the left of my left knee…

This afternoon was MAN DAY for the resident men of 7:15. A time for men to gather, eat, play games, talk, listen and learn. All up we ate steak and sausage sangas, played indoor cricket and numerous games of Wall Ball, had seminars on either Evangelism or Fatherhood (I chose Evangelism) and had a couple of talks on Ephesians about how to live as a Man in this day and age, with some challenges about what we are to do at 7:15 and how we are to live out our lives.

So how has MAN DAY changed me?? I’m more aware of the blessings that we have been given, and how I should live out my life. I’m challenged to live a life of purity, and unity; supporting and serving my fellow brothers and sisters. I think I need to talk to people about Christianity as well, and not be so afraid and be more bold in many areas of my life.

Tonight I’m headed out to KJ’s 3in1 gathering at Attic bar, and then down to Together @ Home.
It’s kind of a return to the scene… I haven’t been out since 2Tribes and most likely won’t be out again until We Love… Sounds unless I head out with Jase and Geoff before Jase heads overseas for a little while…

Lookin forward to it. So here’s me signin out, have a goodin yall.



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