I enjoy a good puzzle from time to time. It stems from my roots as a young child, when my grandad when he stayed with us, learning to piece them together. Tonight we went to the place where Jen and Ruth are housesitting and upon arrival I found Heidi and Big Pauly working on a puzzle on the piano stool, which I admit was a bit strange and silly at the same time. The dimensions of the puzzle were clearly larger than the stool…..

Anyhoo, I was invited to join in and contribute, so I did and eventually I was a sole survivor as people came and went on the puzzle. There was a major twist on the puzzle though: There was 2 x 500 piece puzzles in the lounge and they’d been mixed up somehow…. so we had 1000 pieces for a 500 piece puzzle, most bits weren’t similar, but it was still a tough task…

In the end, Buddy and I completed about 80% of the puzzle before deciding that we should leave the premises and let Jen and Ruth get some sleep… but we showed those who gave up early that it is possible :)