CHONGLAND is planned to launch (again!!) on the 1st of January 2007. 

I’ve just recently upgraded through to WordPress 2.0.5 with K2 0.91 as the theme, it’s style has been customised by myself to a style/theme I called Darkwood.  I’ve added several bells and whistles onto my WordPress, like the fabulous Event Calendar you can see below.  My Site hosting through Media Temple (mt) has just been upgraded and migrated over onto their new Grid Server (gs) which in addition to having generous storage space and transfer allowances per month also has some fantastic little customisations as well and things are looking the goods for the future of CHONGLAND.

All that’s left to do at the moment is prepare an email to send out on the morning of NYD to friends, family, associates, acquaintances and total strangers announcing the re-opening of the site and (hopefully) watch the masses flow through the gates.