Went along to a really great wedding to see the joining of Carolyn Finnan and David Hall. I was on sound desk duty and boy was that a workout!!!

The main reason for the difficult task was that they had a band on both sides of the stage that needed to have microphones setup. The band on the left handside because Mel, one of the SIX bridesmaids walked down the isle whilst playing the violin and then joined her ‘band’ there to add her composition onto the end of the processional track, which was quite amazing. With Mel there was another violin, cello, guitar and bongos…

On the other side we had a fairly normal band setup with piano, cello, guitar and drums and also a couple of singers plus Jems’ acoustic guitar for some songs.

The vows, the sermon, the prayers and the item were all great as well. The recessional was a Jurassic 5 song, which was great to hear playing on the church system.

After packing up quickly and having a very short chat to a couple of people, I jumped in the car and made my way to the reception to setup as ‘the wedding DJ’. Took a fair while to get from Carlingford all the way up to Oxford Falls. the main holdup was arround Forrestville where the traffic came to a complete halt, it was pretty rediculous and with the temperature today, it wasn’t pleasant.

Once I got into Oxford Falls, it was onto the reception place to setup my laptop and plug into the sound system and we were ready to go. Wedding guests started to trickle in over the next 20 minutes and once everyone had settled into starters and beverages it was about time for the massive bridal party to make their entrance to ‘Rappers Delight’ by The Sugarhill Gang, followed by the Bride and Groom to ‘Diamonds and Guns’ by The Transplants.

The lunch soundtrack was some Mushroom Jazz mixed by DJ Mark Farina. After lunch were speeches which were funny and nice, cutting of the cake and then the bridal waltz followed by some dancing. When the time came, we had to cut the music for the throwing of the bouquet and the garter. After that Carolyn & Dave got ready to leave, so I threw on some Superchunk mixed by Krafty Kutz and A-Skills.

During the course of the reception one of the waitresses, Brienne, asked me a couple of times what was beng played, so I told her about Mushroom Jazz and Superchunk and where she couldget them both, I need to get her a copy of Superchunk on CD shortly.

All in all a very nice day, good company, pretty good food, and good music of course!!