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March has been a big month for me and Sony. I went and grabbed a Playstation 3 at the midnight launch on the 23rd of March. It’s such a great machine and I’m loving it. At launch I picked up and extra controller and Virtua Fighter 5 along with my PS3. I’ve been playing that on Quest mode using Sarah, which has been alright, gets a bit repetitive though… There is a HUGE list of moves that can be used, but half of them don’t work 80% of the time, so it’s just easier using the others.

Other games I have are Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, B-Boy, Burnout Dominator, Gran Turismo 4 and Final Fantasy XII for PS2 and NBA Street Homecourt for PS3.

They’ve been very entertaining and seem to be consuming a tonne of my time, especially Final Fantasy XII of late.

Second Sony in March was a 40″ X Series Bravia LCD TV, has a built in HD tuner and sits nicely against a wall in my room atop an ikea cabinet. It’s also taking up most of my time, I get to watch the AFL in High Definition, whcih looks real nice, plus the movies on TV also seem to be showing in High Definition and looking very pretty.  I’m looking forward to combining the PS3 and the TV to watch some Blu-Ray movies.  Sony is due to send out Casino Royale on Blu-Ray when it’s released, so that shall be good and hopefully there’ll be plenty more of those surfacing in the near future as well.