It’s been a while since an update so here’s the situation with work: they wanted me to send over a resume because I was a finalist applicant for the role.
After another couple of days I received a call informing me that I was unsuccessful in my application for the role.  They did give me good feedback though; I presented well and took the time to think through my answers.  I was seen by them as definitely someone that belonged on that floor.
They proceeded to inform me that there was a very similar Business Banking Assistant position that was also going in the property finance division and that they could pass my application over to them if I was happy for them to.
Five minutes later I get a call asking me to go in for an interview, to the sound of alarm bells (because we had a fire drill and had to evacuate….).

Tuesday the 22nd of May I went in again for another interview and that also was short, and a little unusual, they termed it more of a half-interview because they’d received feedback from the MCG interview.  I think it went pretty well.

So then the waiting began, I hadn’t heard anything on the Thursday, and then on Friday, my manager comes over and tells me that they called and wanted me to go in for half a day to see what they did, and that was all organised for Tuesday 28th May for the afternoon.

That day I went in and sat with Ana, the other business banking assistant, to see what the role entails.  It’s a really busy and challenging role with questions firing in from here, there and everywhere, not to mention having to carry through on all your own work as well.  I got a chance to do a bit of the work as well and that was good, learned several new things along the way.  At the end of my time there, a few more questions were asked of how I found it and if I was still keen for the position, and I positively responded.  They told me that they’d be deciding on Wednesday and would let me know; more waiting…  Wednesday went by without much word till 4:30ish when I got a call, my team-mates all were anxiously awaiting what they said.  The answer was they still hadn’t decided and would let me know by friday, so more waiting…

Thursday and Friday went by fairly quickly and 11:30 I got another call with the news that I was successful and got the job!! YAY!!!  Now for some more waiting whilst they organise my release from the current area I’m in at the moment to head over and be in-undated with work, how exciting, and a bit more in my pay-packet.

And Gods blessings didn’t stop there for Friday – I received a letter from the head of the call centres informing me that I was on a ‘Blue Gate’ which means that in my performance I had been recognised as an exceptional performer and had gone above the ‘Green gate’.