It’s been a while between drinks, for those that are keeping up, I guess you’ve seen the new look to the place, rearranged some furniture, painted a ‘feature wall’ and designed a new ‘colorspace’ for the area.

Today I trotted along (for the third time in four days) to Castle Towers to continue on my ‘hunt’ to spruce up my wardrobe with the addition of some more upper class/business style clothes.

I’d been eying off a couple of Saba shirts on my Thursday night trip out, in the absence of a movie viewing, and this time around I tried on three shirts; a white, a grey and a teal shirt. They all were of the SS sizing, which apparently means extra small, and they fit very well, slightly big on me, but not when compared to the current collection of shirts that I own, and also longish in the arms. The price of the teal and white shirts resulted in a purchase at $49 and $69 respectively, but the grey found it’s way back to the rack since it remained at a pricey $129. I am, however, amazed at the (lack of) customer service in stores though… It seems that there’s so many staff that they have on, at least three per area, and yet they just don’t seem to care about the customers….

This was particularly evident when I went on to Myers. I’d seen a nice Brooksfield jacket on Thursday night as well, it was a greeny grey color, small size, looked quite fitted and had that army-ish feel to it. Today when I went back, the store seemed like more of a mess, I guess as a result of a Saturday flood of avid shoppers, and the orderly section from Thursday night looked quite a bit more chaotic…. At least the jacket I was after was still there, and still in a small size. After quite a bit of mulling over, I tried it on and decided it was a goer, fitted well and fairly warm, but there was a slight problem with the item, someone had removed the security tag, and not in the security tag removing machine, this one was manually removed, no tools included, and that resulted in a slit, maybe about the height of a 5 cent piece.

So I took it over to one of the ‘customer service people’ and told them that it was damaged who then referred me on to one of the girls at the counter because she didn’t know what to do, and after watching them dip into a box of chocolates and have a nice little chat, one of them ‘served’ me and took me over to check if there was any the same size, a great help because I just wouldn’t have looked for one myself, then she tells me that she could check the other stores, but not until Tuesday… Great resolution to problems, timely and efficient!!! Then she gave me the other option of 50% off the item, which I accepted, but she did tell me to go and wait by the counter whilst she did something or other for a good 5 minutes before serving me…. Considering I could have walked straight out of the store with the jacket in a bag, since there was no longer a security tag on the jacket, I’m very surprised at the way that I was treated as a customer…

It’s funny how when you work in a customer service industry that tries to offer fantastic customer service ho much you notice and compare what you’re receiving… Anyway the whole situation left me pretty frustrated, as you can probably tell, and it wasn’t particularly therapeutic…. But I did have a think about how it was good that I didn’t fall into the great great temptation of walking out of the store $60 richer, still with a new, slightly damaged Brooksfield jacket….