PEDESTRIANS. Love them or hate them, they’re a fact of traffic!!! I personally dislike them, especially when I happen to be one myself. Why would I dislike pedestrians you may ask?? It’s the collective chaos & lack of unity that discourages me to the point of dislike.

I mean if you were to boil down what pedestrians were, you may come up with something like “A flow or stream of people moving from point A to point B”. That, my friends, sounds very much like what vehicular traffic amounts to. So I pose the question Why doesn’t the ‘organisation’ in vehicular traffic translate to pedestrian traffic??

It frustrates me so so much when walking down a crowded street and there are people walking willy-nilly here, there and everywhere. You see, I had always assumed that there was some kind of unwritten law as to how/where to talk, and that pretty much stated that you imitate road rules, specifically keep left. In my experience lately it seems like 75% of the population has adopted a keep right rule… Which poses the question of whether or not the same etiquette exists in countries inwhich they drive on the right hand side of the road. i.e. pedestrians walk on the right hand side also, something to look into perhaps.

Another thing that gets to me about pedestrians is their obliviousness to personal space, and to a lesser extent, their surroundings , or at least that is another impression that has been laid upon me by mine eyes, and infact several of my other senses. Just today I was about to cross the street, intending to veer left when I reached the other side. Some punk on my left also was crossing the street. Little Man turns green, we both proceed, however he’s just that little bit quicker off the mark than me and proceeds to veer to the right as he’s crossing the road and what do you know he’s cut me off, and not only that, but he slows down when he’s right in front of me. I was pretty grrrrrr.

SO, if you don’t already, please KEEP LEFT and MIND YOUR SURROUNDINGS!!!!

On a slightly brighter note, if you’re up for a novelty challenge with some pedestrians, try this: Find a busy place, teeming with pedestrians (maybe Pitt Street Mall during lunch, or on a Saturday, if you’re a Sydneysider, or visitor) and proceed to get to your destination as quick as possible through the crowd, possibly without touching anyone if possible by manoeuvring and weaving through the crowd at a quickened pace. See if you can read them and anticipate where they’re headed and avoid them. I had a good go at it yesterday lunchtime through QVB towards town hall, and then again from Wynyard back to work.