Working in the city has been somewhat more beneficial to my mind and subversively detrimental to my eyes. It’s given me roughly an hour, hour & a half to read, pray & do numerous other things.

So here’s a summary of what I have read over the last 7 weeks:

The Daily Reading Bible (Published by Matthas Media)

This series of short studies has been really beneficial to my daily reading & prayer. The studies are set out to cover a small section of a book with a couple of questions each; something to ponder about the passage, and then something to pray about as well. It takes me about 10-15 minutes to get through it, but I must admint that I don’t pray too much, which I should do, want to do and am working on.

GQ (Australia)

I recently decided that I wanted to step up the quality of my fashion, not that I’m not already known for a keen sense of style already… I’d been thinking about reading GQ for a fair while, but always seemed to put it off, I remember thnking that it was too worldly or something. I finally took the plunge in July and one & three quarter issues later, I can say it certainly does present a different system of values than my own, but I’ve found that choosing which to adopt and which to leave has been a relatively easy decision.

There has been some noteworthy articles contained within the publication – I’ve found the articles very informative, they often compare brands, unfortunately I haven’t been able to sample those reviewed due to lack of funds & self restraint. Pages & artivles on fashion are also great, and one reason for repeat purchase. There’s been some lovely items showcased, albeit above my price-range. Have you ever heard of a ‘Bespoke Suit’? I hadn’t, but now I know it is a suit where you ‘beseech’ a tailor to make it for you, as well as someone to weave the material. So in laymans terms – a tailored suit. Did you know that there’s bespoke shoes as well?? It came as a bit of a surprise for me, but a great one as I definitely would benefit in having formal shoes that actually fit & suit my style.

The general knowledge, current events and personal insight articles have been of great interest also. Topics include ICE, The Nigerian war on oil, Eric Bana, Zarah Garde-Wilson, Hugo Boss and Armani.