Tonight we went to have dinner with some family friends; Mum went to school with this guy and now they’re pretty well off (so for his and his families sake, we’ll call him X). X has always been really good with mum and helps us with accommodation and always wants to see us whenever we’re over in Hong Kong, however he is really really busy. This was pretty much the only time he was able to meet with us, but it was very last minute.

So we rock up to dinner in this fancy and cosy little Italian restaurant in Tsim-Sha-Tsui and it turns out that the occasion tonight is X’s sons birthday, and the four of us got seated at a little table next to theirs, kind of like when you have a children’s table and an adult’s table. Dinner was very nice, you can see the photos here.

After dinner, X comes to talk to Mum, asks how things are and what we’ve been up to in Hong Kong. He tells us that we should go visit Macau to have a look, and Mum tells him that we were going to go, but we weren’t anymore. X tells us that he’ll organise for us to go for a night, makes 1 phone call and 5 minutes later, Macau is organised for Monday & Tuesday, talk about connections….

After dinner we say goodbye to X’s kids who are off to hit the clubs or whatever 20-somethings do in Hong Kong for nightlife, probably karaoke, and we jump in one of X’s cars to be whisked off for a tour of his latest house. It was absolutely amazing!!! 3 or 4 levels with all the trimmings and then some. There’s a pool on the second level balcony and then another pool on the third level balcony which has a deep end that’s 4m and the pool room has a secret bedroom built in to it.

After the grand tour, it was time to go back to a semi-reality, so the Gurka drove us back to Causeway bay for an end to the evening…