Over the last 2 days I have been at semi permanent all day: a design conference run by Design is Kinky which is in it’s 6-5th year.

The format is quite enjoyable; take 12 media based speakers (groups of speakers) and give them each an hour to present on whatever they do in all its various forms over the course of 2 days, each attendee recieves a pack of various goodies, crap and propaganda and ta-da you have a nice little design conference that has grown from a Sydney only event to one which has spanned 6 cities across 4 continents (we’ll class New Zealand as a continent….)

The very first speaker was Lifelounge, a couple of guys who worked through a wide range of formats from web to events to commercials to magazines. They ran through an A-Z of themselves, covering how they came about, philosophies, process, advice, and just random crap in general. A nice little presentation, very clean and fonts were lovely.

Next up was Ben Frost who was a little crude, crass and lack-lustre for my tastes, as well as being downright weird and artsy.

Debaser were pretty interesting. They’re a couple of guys that used to work at Sony Music as Art Directores, but have since left to setup Debaser, the name comes from The Pixies’ song so they told us. Their work is primarily packaging for bands and it was really interesting to see how they pitch and win jobs to produce bits and pieces for albums, singles and everything else that goes with a band’s music. I reckon that’d be a really cool and interesting area of D-SiGN to get into.

The Directors Bureau was represented by an executive producer by the name of Lana Kim. She kept on telling us how much of a privilege it was for her to be working there as it’d always been a dream of hers to work on music videos, which is what they’re primarily known for, and I thought that was cool.

Sixty40 seemed really familiar in the things that they presented, and then I realised that they spoke at digit a few years back, which is where I had seen them present before. A fair bit of their presentation was the same, but there were extensions on old projects which was interesting to see how they’d developed and come along, like Edugandapanda [This one’s a little crude, but very funny!!!] which was great to see again.

Spencer Platt was amazing to see and hear as a budding photographer. He’s lucky enough to work for gettyimages and travels all around the world to shoot. His amazing job does come with down sides, as with all jobs, which were fairly down, like he’s been covering the Iraq war with the US Army and going in there with the possibility of dying. It was interesting to hear about how he does it all though, and seeing such amazing photos and path he took to shoot it.

First speaker of the second day was Alex Trochut who spoke about his methodologies and process. I thought it cool and a little sweet how how he got the majority of his influence from his grandfathers notes and went on to digitise the “Super velo text”. Really well constructed and methodical in the way he works. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Anthony Lister was nuts; he jumped up with a guy in a spidey suit and shot him with a cap gun. He then showed plenty of photos, some videos and just rambled on and on about his influences and stuff.

Superfad showed heaps of storyboard work detailing how their teams pitched for jobs. Different people would put forward different ideas and the one that the client chose would be headed up by that person. It was really good to see how it all worked out in an ad agency.

Amy Sol showed us a heap of her paintings and her process of producing them. She paints a lot of images of girls with animals and mythical things as well, much like Miyazakis world. It was also interesting to hear about how she mixes her own paint palettes.

North Kingdom were really cool!! They showed their game work that they developed for clients. The clients they showed were toyota, coke zero, California dairy company.

Pixar was pretty interesting. The guy presenting was an animator, so he showed a fair bit of work that he’s done on projects like finding nemo, monsters Inc, toy story 2, the incredibles and rattatouie. It was really interesting to see how they went about storyboarding, researching and developing the characters, plus he showed us the Pixar offices, which were pretty amazing