Hello faithful CHONGLAND citizens and sojourners,

Welcome to the second quarter of the year of our Lord 2008. As has been the custom every year, CHONGLAND gets a facelift once a year, and this year the unlikely event of 2 facelifts is occurring, hopefully so unlikely and out of the ordinary that this will end the annual facelift.

Accompanying this facelift is another unlikely event: we’re wiping the slate clean (well mostly clean…). All posts prior to my adventures in the lands to the East are gone!! However if you wish to catch up, reminisce or procrastinate, then they can be found at capsule.chongland.com.

And unfortunately for any registered citizens, a clean slate means that they will also need to fill in an Application for Citizenship to be able to make their mark on CHONGLAND

Application for Citizenship

So grab a tasty beverage, sit back, get comfortable and enjoy!!