On the back of Iron Man doing so well there’s been announcements of more Marvel based movies coming out!!! How Exciting!!!!!

This year we have The Incredible Hulk and Punisher: War Zone due to release: sequels to Hulk and Punisher from 2003 and 2004 respectively. Next year sees hopefully the first in a series of X-Men Origins films with X-Men Origins: Wolverine releasing, definitely a great and mysterious character to get a movie treatment.

2010 has been proclaimed as the year that Tony Stark will return in a second Iron Man movie as well as Thor the mythical God of Thunder to appear with his mighty hammer.

Then in 2011, Captain America will hit the big screen in the Red, White and Blue, followed by The Avengers around July!!

How exciting is all of this!!!  Marvel and DC getting involved with movies is definitely a good thing!!!  For more Marvel madness, be sure to check out their site: www.marvel.com