This week The Mighty Kites took on Bruin in the D grade comp. Numbers were low for both teams with only 1 sub available to The Mighty Kites and Bruin having none…

The game got off to a promising start when I scored the opening points off a quick tip from Nemah to Dan to me, but alas the remainder of the game would not mimic the first few seconds as our team and my scoring remained low, if not non-existent..

From my observations the team didn’t play as one, there may have been a few key partnerships, but outside of that, everyone was on for themselves… Defensively we didn’t lock enough out, being lazy in stopping the player and taking the easy foul option, and offensively we looked too often for the same players, who looked to make the same plays without repeated success, which was noted by the opposition who countered easily and constantly. We failed to exploit their weaknessess and use our strengths.

On a personal performance note, I tended to lock up a fair bit on my offensive skills, which is a big focus to train on in the coming weeks. I was fairly happy with my defensive play, although there is always more that can be done. I’d like to see some support when it does come to defensive play, taking a more active defense than waiting for them to come to us..

Round 3 next week sees us playing at 9:30, again with a depleted roster.

CHONG‘s Training tip for the team this week – FITNESS. I’m going to try and find an hour to run suicides for the length of time, and then maybe another half hour to stride some out which should result in endurance at a fairly strenuous effort level.

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