This week The Mighty Kites went head on against And Far Away. Numbers were up with the experienced players back in action and the first signs of Arthur and Josh, a father son team with plenty of heart!!

And Far Away’s makeup was full of older gentleman that were very solid, making it kind of hard to get around them, see where the ball was and stop them when they had momentum. I experienced the latter first hand when I was charged down by one of them about half court; I certainly flew a little there, horizontally but not vertically…

The game was a blur with plenty of movement up and down the court. Each team trading shot for shot, we won that battle in the end, preferring to drive in towards the basket rather than looking for shots from the perimeter, and running the fast breaks off of steals and big boards from Geoff and Nima. Fitness was up this week, which was good, and it was one key to our victory.. Final score being 16 to 45.

Personally I thought tonight was alright, I should have exploited their lack of ball skills a bit more on the defense, again with the more active role… In terms of offensive play, I was proud to have driven to the basket, although I didn’t have any success with those shots. As a team, some variation on both offense and defense would be good as we’re mainly playing a Zone defense and using the same players in the offense… I’m fairly confused in my offensive role as I don’t currently have the confidence to play point, and the bigger players seem to be hanging around the top as opposed to working around the bottom of the key, making for a condensed area… I’m just putting some movement through and trying to draw defenders and looking out to stop any fast breaks, but I’m not satisfied in doing just that…

Props go to Geoff and James for their efforts tonight on the court. Geoff for his rebounding and scoring skills, and James for his hussle and stealing skills.

Next week is a bye, so no Flights there, but Indiana J hits the big screens and I’m sure there’ll be a contingent heading along. I will be out of play with my Parents for their Anniversary Dinner. (How strange is it to have your kids and friends for an Anniversary dinner???).

CHONG‘s training tip for this week/fortnight – VARIATION. Look at different methods of play. Get some research in on things like man-to-man defense, how Traps work, how to cut the key and make some movement, and posting up… I’ll be looking also at doing things under pressure to build my confidence….

header image by lemuelinchrist