Recently, like the last couple of weeks, things have felt like a real struggle… I feel like there’s a correlation to my personal prayer and Bible reading life, which, to be totally honest, has been practically non-existent for a while….
On Sunday just gone, Mike preached a sermon on Genesis 18 & 19, a couple of twisted Bible passages… They talk of Lot and God’s judgement on Sodom for being unfaithful… One thing that was encouraging was that God told Abraham that he wouldn’t destroy Sodom if there were a small number of faithful people, like 10 out of thousands of people. So I kind of take it that even if we put in a little effort then God will continue his blessings with us; obviously it’s not a best case scenario, but things start small and grow bigger right?? The challenging point for me was Lot’s wife. When she was escaping the wrath of God and his destruction of Sodom, she looked back despite warnings not to and was turned into a pillar of salt. Mike explained this as Christians who accept Christ, but then turn back to the ways of the world. What got to me was how much of a temptation is to look back towards the ways of the world… and how often it can be just a slight turn of the head, and then a bigger turn and so on; again starting out small and getting bigger and bigger…

Now over the last couple of Tuesday nights, our Bible study has combined with another workers group to look at discipleship and building ourselves and each other up in the Word… One point that was stressed was the importance of filling ourselves with God’s important Word.

On the back of this I’ve decided to put a plan into action to get a ball rolling and hopefully keep it rolling… Earlier this year I was in a situation much the same. I thought I’d look at one of the reading plans out there, like the M’Cheyne or Tract ones, and ended up subscribing to an ESV 1 year Tract reading plan on iCalendar. This plan lists 4 chapters per day to be read, which is really solid, however, for someone that is just getting back into reading, and with previous lack of discipline, not particularly the best. My approach this time around is to start small, with one of the four chapters per day and then building up. Sounds good yeah?? In addition to this, I’m going to let you guys know about it in a new fandangled facet of CHONGLAND. Haven’t nutted out the logistics of it, like how often, what one etc etc, but keep me accountable on it!!