I hope people has had the opportunity to get out and see Ironman, it’s a great little movie with plenty for everyone!! I saw it about a couple of weeks ago with Geoff on a complimentary double pass… If you haven’t yet seen it, go and have a look-see, and make sure you stay for the additional scene after the fairly long credits….

I suppose if you boil it down, it’s a standard first superhero movie where they introduce the hero with all their flaws and complications, then they build in some tragedy that forces them to react and evolve into said superhero, at which point they go and avenge/settle their issues around the tragedy. Of course, somewhere along the line there has to develop a love interest as well.

Robert Downey Jr. plays really well as Ironman AKA Tony Stark; the rich weapons manufacturer & distributor, as does Gwyneth Paltrow as Polly Pepper; Stark’s P.A.. It was good to see the inclusion of …. who is a good friend of Tonys and will eventually become War Machine. I liked the heap of satirical humor dropped throughout the movie, as well as the numerous sequel hints spattered throughout the movie… (for those that haven’t read: Marvel Movies)

Effects wise the movie stands up really well… The Ironman suit looks really really cool, especially when he gets it on, with all the clicking and locking and screwing of everything in place…

I’m not too sure how well the movie follows the original comics, but it is something I’m keen on exploring…. I’ve recently signed up to Marvel’s Digital Comics service which has thousands of comics available to be read online for either a monthly or yearly subscription. They have the original Iron-man series on the site, so I’ll report back on my findings at some point.