On Monday nights I go out for a run, but it’s a little more than just running…. We have this ‘event’ called JogSquad which anyone is welcome to attend. It’s held at Harold West Reserve in Carlingford on Vickery Avenue, and is just between the mormon temple and St Pauls Carlingford…

I started attending JogSquad about March last year… I think it’d been running for several months before that… It’s basically a place where people walk/jog/run around an oval, or on the road, but they have other people there to support them, so more like a supportive network of people. The tagline that goes with JogSquad is

… bodily training is of some value, … 1 Timothy 4:8.

JogSquad has been changing and evolving all the time, from just regular jogging laps around the 311m field, to playing touch football, to running the multi-stage fitness test aka “The Beep Test”, to road runs…. There’s also been much variation in those that attend; I’ve been present at nights where I’ve been the only one, and then there’s been occasions where 20 people have turned up….

I find that jogging, especially at JogSquad gives me time to relax, think and clear my head of distractions… I mean constantly running around a track in the dark doesn’t give too much else to focus on. So previously I’ve been able to think about passages I’ve recently read in the Bible, plan things to be done for work, home organisation, or CHONGLAND, and even pray about things on my heart, or friends, family or acquaintances…
Do you do anything when jogging apart from jog?? or do you have some sort of activity that helps you to relax your mind etc etc??