After a week off for a bye, the Mighty Kites were back with a vengeance and great passion to hit the courts. The rostered line-up was solid, but due to early game circumstances, James Moore wasn’t able to be there, nor was new-comer Josh. James had become a key player in the team dynamic as he’d usually be up and down the court with space and confidence to shoot, but this was a small hurdle for the Kites to scramble over…

The game started out tightly with neither team being able to score for a short time, you could tell that this match was going to be intense… Each team was testing out the boundaries of the other… Skitz were very regimented in their defensive zone, making it fairly difficult to move the ball around without pressure. In addition to this, their plays in offensive mode were well set, especially in a fast break, taking at least 2 people down the court on each run; luckily they weren’t particularly consistent on the break… When slowed up in offense, Skitz made several attempts to run plays, the majority of which were not particularly successful, forcing low-percentage outside shots. Tensions boiled and several team players also got a bit hot-headed and frustrated at times…. Things definitely slowed during the second half with the scores still fairly level, each team striving forward, edging past each other, only to be pulled back by missed opportunities and silly plays… Our defensive pressure in the last minutes of the game was particularly intense ensuring us of our win 28 to 21.

Stepping up again this week was tall Geoff Hall using his great height advantage to clean up both offensive and defensive rebounds, giving second, third and even fourth opportunities to score. Nima as always was key, taking it to the hoop plenty of times, but also whipping out some amazing passes. Garth also played an amazing game, plenty of movement on the fast breaks, setting up other players for scoring opportunities, and then Dan Wu with the asian domination, creating plenty of defensive pressure, and gaining the ball in numerous situations all night long!!!

This week I scored a lovely 2 from 2 at the free throw line, drove through the key and 4/5 of the opposition, only to be swatted away on my declination and took a 3 point shot, which failed miserably… My focus this week is to keep trying the ranged shots and work on some more fitness and movement around the key.

Training tip for the week is fitness again… Especially stop:start recovery… Try hitting intense fast paced stuff for a short burst, then rest for a shorter period and continue that for a period… This will be especially important when trying to make movement through the key to create space and draw defenders away from the ball.