Tonight The Mighty Kites won over Team Beerfest pretty convincingly with the final scoreline being 42 to 29. The game started a little slow and late due to both teams having only 4 players each at the start of the game. We shot off to a quick start and took a nice early lead, which we maintained for the rest of the game.. This lead was maintained and resulted in a great win in the end, due to our 3 reinforcements in Hamish, Garth and Arthur who made a very fashionably late entrance with 5 minutes to go in the first half… The ruling on late players is that if they’re not present and signed on the sheet by half-time, then they’re not able to play that game at all…

Anyways, the play by play pretty much consisted of a combination of fast breaks and a few slower plays. Defensive pressure was a little tough to beat with Mighty Kites rushing shots and plays when we could have easily exploited their 4 man zone defensive having an extra player, same goes for defense, which we played a bit more passively than I would have liked as well. I got to score a total of 3 points tonight, 1 of 2 from the line and a 2 point basket from under the ring which resulted in a lovely set of teeth marks on my right fore-arm due to an accidental clash with the opposition. I was happier with my offensive game tonight, making plenty of movement throughout the key, driving on various occasions and even looking to drive hard down the court on a few breaks, although percentages were a bit down on my shooting. I even managed to come away with a number of rebounds which you wouldn’t expect. One point to work on is to keep the ball away from opposition… Numerous times I had the ball slapped out of my hands, whether stationary or in a shooting motion, so I need to provide some protection on the ball until the last minute… and try to draw a few more fouls….

Next week sees another 8pm game against the final team in our first run through the draw: Xtreme. Come on down and have a gander Hills Sports Stadium – Fred Caterson Reserve, Caterson Drive, Castle Hill.