In the biggest and by far the best game of the season so far Mighty Kites defeated Midnight Gamblers by more than double: 51 to 25; a magnanimous score for the lowly D grade competition…. Having played the Gamblers in the very first round of the season, narrowly beating them 31 to 30, we knew a bit more of what to expect of them, we’d certainly done our homework, plus our memories served us well to tell which players were key to their game and cover them to shut them down as much as we could.
With a Mighty Kites team back at strength, with the return of our big players in Nima, WuDan and James Moore this week, we were able to establish a nice early lead in the game. After the first nail-biting minutes of competition we’d secured our lead when Nima came down badly on his right ankle and had to immediately sub off, a great worry for him, and us… We fought through and through, continuing to push the ball around on offense, taking our time to cut up their zone and find holes to make fairly open shots. Defensively we held them very strongly in our zone. Their inside shooting accounted for less than 25% of total shots for the night and their accuracy from outside was very poor.

At times throughout the game it seemed like the Globetrotters were out on the court with behind the back passes flowing here and there. Nima displayed his impressive skills on one particular drive, going round the back, then through the opponents legs before collecting the ball on the other side to finish off with a nice little flick in. Props go to WuDan for his play-making on the night, picking up a fair few points and dropping no fouls as well as Geoff for his 10 point contribution combined with strong rebounds, both offensive and defensive.

On a personal performance note, I played a really good game, dropping only one foul which was a bad call, I mean my opponent slapped my arms to take the ball from me, then as I went one on one with him up the court, he kept on pushing me away with his arm, and the ref calls a push on me?!? 2 Fouls to 0 definitely shouldn’t have resulted in a foul on me…. Defensively I was all over them, forcing a couple of double dribble calls, plus a rare offensive block when their player tried to put up a screen on me pushing me out of the way… Offensively, I was in and out of the key plenty and I think drawing a fair few players in the process, making holes for our guys to penetrate, plus on the breaks, I was usually there to at least assist. In the end however I scored a total of 0 points from a total of roughly 4 shots?? and this gets me down a fair bit…
How is it that the emphasis on a good game is the number of points scored?? I guess that’s the general measure of how well the game went. Being a short guy and a guard, the stereotypical role is to make plays and not shoot cause I’ll get blocked, or I won’t be there to stop the break, but can’t other players cover for me?? It is a team sport after all… I like to drive for the hole and I’m not expected to, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t do it at least a few times a game….

I’m not sure what the weather holds for this weekend, so if there’s a chance, I’ll get out for some practice on Sunday, poor weather may result in paying to practice…. I’m keen to work on my shooting, as my free throws have been off lately and I need to get those three pointers down so I can score some points at least…
If anything eventuates, you’ll no doubt hear of the results next week after we play one of the strongest teams in the competition: Bruins at 8:00pm, come on down and give us a cheer, should be a fantastically competitive game!!