On Saturday I had the pleasure of participating in the marital union of Amy Hatcher and Ben Watson as sound technician. It was an early rise seeing as Amy was due to walk the aisle around 9:30am.
After setting up and checking that things were ready to run, it was time to settle down a bit, peruse the order of service to find my name lacking in the contributors page and realise that I still didn’t have the processional/recessional music on a CD to be played, slight problem indeed… Ben quickly contacted Amy to find out that the disc was en-route. Eventually everyone required for the ceremony was present and it was G.O. time. Both bridesmaids Heidi-Jane and Jess looked glamorous, but the day belonged to Amy; the radiant bride, stylishly accompanied by Leigh.
The ceremony went off without any hitches, all that needed to be done was done, which is all you can ask for really.

The afternoon was well spent at The Newport Mirage. I drew the short straw to drive and couriered Geoff, Mike, Nat and Gareth. It was an enjoyable drive out and an even more enjoyable reception. The number of people and the space they occupied was just right with no hassles getting around to speak to people. I was toasted and thanked during the wedding speeches for my efforts during the ceremony, which was a lovely gesture.

Post reception celebrations too place at the Newport Arms before venturing back to the Hall Residence into the wee hours of the night.

These days weddings are becoming bitter-sweet since the couples that are getting married are moving towards that age of loving and leaving to other countries, cities, churches or church services. I guess it’s just a cycle of life, but it does become difficult to continue to keep in contact….