I went to see The Dark Knight; the second Batman movie as directed by Christopher Nolan starring Christian Bale as Batman with Geoff, Pete, Gareth and Nat last Saturday. It was really well done and very enjoyable, and definitely eligible to go down as Heath Ledger‘s legacy film. He’s potentially up for a Posthumas Oscar award, of which only 1 actor has ever been awarded to Peter Finch in 1976 for his performance in Network.

The film differs a fair bit from the first outing with a much darker tone and feel, and I suppose that there’s a little more emotional connections developed as the characters develop. There’s also plenty of action and explosions mixed into the 2 and 1/2 hour outing. Visually the effects are very well done, but alas, I cannot go into too much detail without revealing some surprises in the film which were very very well kept in the dark throughout the trailers; only hinted at once which I eluded to in an earlier post [The Dark Knight ].

As for sequels, there wasn’t a real open end to the movie, so nothing obvious, but a couple of threads to dangle on.

Next up on the DC comics movie list is the strangely interesting Watchmen a comic from 1986 about an alternate history where superheroes are a regular feature of everyday life. I’m looking into the comics and should be able to elaborate shortly, but for now, enjoy the trailer which looks visually sound, although I’m not sure how well the story will play out.

The Watchmen – Trailer