Last Thursday night The Mighty Kites took on Skitz coming out with a narrow loss 21 vs 25. Overall the match was pretty good, not particularly scrappy or aggressive as some of our other games this season have been…

The first half was quite slow with plenty of opportunity, but most of them not sinking for either team…
The second half was kicked up a notch, especially as the clock clicked down, we had a sense of urgency to run our points up to match theirs and steal the lead, and they, naturally, wanted to at least hold on to the lead, if not push it to an unreachable mark for us to reach….

I was pretty happy with my game, although there’s always room for improvement!!!
Defensively I was pushing out to the players during our zone defense around the key, however there were times where I’d pushed out too much, and then other times where I should have pushed further. I feel that I can’t push out as much as I need to because I lack the support of another guard to cover the top when I do to prevent cutters. I could also be a bit more actively going for the ball when I’ve managed to trap a player after their dribble.
Offensively I need to vary my drive, since I was blocked a good 2 or 3 times. I also managed to get possession of the ball with some open space, so shooting from there is also something to work on.

This week we’re back on late game duty at 10:15 against The Crusaders. Should be an interesting game, since they beat us 32-23 the last time we played them. Come on down and cheer us on!!