Last night I went along to the Katoomba Christian Convention ( run event entitled Burn Your Plastic Jesus at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. I thought it wasn’t too bad. They said there was about 10,000 people there!!! Mark Driscoll was the speaker and he spoke for about an hour and a half, including questions on Jesus, both the perceived and the true. Definitely some thought provoking material in here which begs to be addressed within Sydney and beyond.

This is a copy of my notes, taken on my iPhone since I neglected to bring a pen….

  • Culture believes in it. The one visited several times in life instilling sense of moral. Just another religious guy.
    -Born into it -> second birth
    -about what I do -> what he has done
    -if u obey god then he will love u -> god loves u so we obey him.
    -pride or despair -> love, be humble, not about u, but Jesus

  • B) BLING JESUS – prosperity
  • Result of consumerism, Jesus exists to give u what u want. Getting from Jesus as opposed to Getting Jesus.
    Standard of living vs standard of giving.

  • C) MORAL JESUS – super nanny
  • Getting kids to obey. 59% of kids go to church. Kids going to Christian schools.
    Problem is people see Jesus as an example, but it’s not enough we need him as our enabler. The ONLY one that can help us be like him

  • D) AUSSIE JESUS – mantropy
  • Late blooming men – leaving home, marriage.

  • – more Christians in the country. Uneducated, not busy. View is that Jesus is not for highly educated city folk. Historically Jesus is for city folk. Bible starts in garden, ends in cities

  • All religions are the same and correct, choose the one that works for u, but don’t say that other beliefs are wrong.
    -It’s dangerous. Satan and demons are part of that world
    -Intolerance is natural, and doesn’t work.
    -Selfish, what if it doesn’t work for u.
    -All religions don’t teach the same thing. Different view on Jesus.
    -> Jesus is most tolerant and inclusive, welcomes everybody

  • G) PENSIONER CARD JESUS – Jesus is for old people.
  • Jesus was a young man. Have a sense of urgency. God is raising up younger people to serve Jesus. Swim against the current. Young people so theybcan grow old well.

Rom 8:1 – convicted
Rev 12 – Satan accuser


  1. Jesus came down from heaven
  2. John 6
    Heaven is Gods home, Jesus is God come down

  3. Jesus performed miracles
  4. Jesus said he was God. He was put to death because of it.
  5. Mark 14 I Am, Son of Man.
    John 10: 30

  6. Jesus said he was without sin
  7. John 8:46
    Sin- omission, commission, thoughts , woes, deed motives

  8. Jesus forgives all sin, past present future
  9. Mark 2:5

  10. John 14:6 – no one comes to the father except by me, Jesus is narrow; THE WAY

Jesus was put to death because of all these claims, repeatedly and clearly said that he was God and the only way to have relationship with God in heaven.

We all live forever, the only difference is where.

Fear that Sydney is a good enough heaven.