Monday morning; time for start-up meetings, long train ticket queues and general dismay around the office due to mondayitis…. Also a time for me to recount my experiences from the weekend that was; this week with 3 in particular.

  • Mighty Kites Training
  • The Mighty Kites are back on the court this Thursday for summer comp and we had out first ever training session, minus goliaths Geoff and Nima. Mostly a good session, however, I felt less of a team dynamic than desired.

  • Godskitchen: Angels In White Party
  • I got along to this party down at Homebush in on of the warehouses next to ‘the dome’. Quite an unprecedented lineup with 4 international DJs taking the decks: Jon O’Bir, Menno De Jong, Sander van Doorn and John O’Callaghan. I hadn’t been to a big trance party for quite some time, perhaps 18 months to 2 years, having taken up the club and festival route, and losing my party crew to marriage, age and musical evolution. The night was long, I was there from about 11 and left at close, which was about 6am. The crowd was smaller than expected, but that just meant that I had more room to dance in and boy did I take up that opportunity. Plenty of comments on how amazing and unique my style was….

  • St Thomas’ 7pm
  • I skipped out on my regular St Paul’s Carlingford 7fifteen service to go and hear a mate Mark Earngey preach on Masculinity, he’s currently a student minister there. Mark certainly looked the part with one eye covered up, it wasn’t for dramatic effect though as he’d been hit by a cricket ball on Saturday. The sermon he gave was based on Genesis 2:4-25 & a definition given by John Piper in the book Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood:

    At the Heart of Mature Masculinity is a sense of Benevolent Responsibility to lead, provide for and protect women in ways appropriate to a man’s differing relationships.

    His three main areas of focus were pattern, particulars and progress.
    Pattern ran through the passage and linked the Piper definition with parts of the passage – The order of creation; man then woman, the moral responsibility to set a moral pattern given to man and how man is primarily responsible.
    Particulars addressed how these things apply to particular situations – married, single, dating, Christian ministry and workplaces.
    Finally Progress enlightened the avid male listeners to take steps to ‘own’ their masculinity but humbling ourselves before God for our failures and taking up our responsibilities. One good point that Mark brought up was that men generally seem to have a fear of rejection and that we should take steps, small at first in overcoming that, and as an aside for the women, that they should look to nurture rather than ‘hurt’ when it comes to assuming the negative.

    For more Earngey wisdom, check out his blog: seeing in a mirror dimly. I was also impressed with the prayers at St Thomas’ and intrigued/surprised by the fact that they have a resident film reviewer who, this week, reviewed the movie WALL-E

Apart from that there was a bit of PS3: NBA 2k9 on Friday night, Diablo 2 and movies on Saturday whilst checking the Blizzcon 2008 announcements every now (roundup of Diablo III and Starcraft II info to follow suit shortly) and then and recovery sleep on Sunday….