In the early hours of the evening, the Mighty Kites took on last seasons champions; Bruins in a frustrating game of catch-up. The game started off fairly even paced, trading basket for basket before Bruins started to peel away with plenty of successful 3-point shots, steals and turnovers on our part. By half time the score had jumped out to 17 v 23.

As the second half got underway, we began to claw out way back up to a respectable margin as they started missing shots and being slowed or stopped in their scoring attempts, however things started to fall apart when pressure was applied and players playing selfishly resulting in failed fast breaks and horrific zone defense, toppling our efforts to pull into the lead. The final score falling to 43 v 51.

I didn’t have a great game, a few runs leading to assisted points, some good defense, but not enough to stop the outside shots. I did manage to pull down one rebound and almost a second….

Next week at 8pm, we take on And Far Away, which is always an enjoyable match with the oldies of the competition, plenty of heart, but not the skills to match.