This week saw Mighty Kites come up against Flashbacks for a tough match. We played pretty well, but alas, hurried plays and shots combined with blind referees lead to our defeat: 17 v 34.

If only the tip was an indicator of how the remainder of the match was to play out with Nima pushing the ball to James for an easy layup. As the game moved ahead, I didn’t think we played too poorly, certainly upsetting their rhythm with an aggressive defense resulting in a number of steals. A new rule where a foul on a shooting player in a one on one layup draws 2 shots and possession afterward was particularly frustrating, especially since it’s such an awkward and seemingly unfair ruling. Garth felt it the most with a ten minute “sin bin” session at the start of the second.
The second half was just plain painful in the scoring department with hardly anything willing to sink…. We even had a rebounders galore session with at least four attempts to put the ball in, collecting the rebound each time it missed…
All in all it was good to see players improving: Gareth on the warpath, slotting in a few layup against 2 or 3 players, plus getting in on a team steal, Josh getting a couple of shots away and stepping up some nice pressured defense, Garth sinking a couple of three pointers, and Geoff with a couple of big blocks.

Personally I played well defensively; applying plenty of pressure to the ball carrier and just getting in their face, although it was frustrating when they managed to find open players to pass to. On the offensive side, I still need to work on confidently pushing the ball around and positioning, but I did score a nice little 2 points.

There was a point during the match where things got a little heated over the new ruling and just the general response and reaction to Flashbacks and the referees throughout the game. I feel our reaction as Christian men could/should have been better. Rather than acting out and complaining as we did, to politely question and accept the response. In all things it is a friendly competition and I think the better thing to do is be an example of a Christian.

Next week sees us hit the court at 9:30pm against competition newcomers Grantham.