Tonight The Mighty Kites took on newcomers Grantham in a fairly fast paced game. As of the end of round 06, we were stuck on the bottom rung of the league ladder after a few losses and the dreadful forfeit….

The game started off in the usual fashion with a sweet tip from Nima to James for the opening basket. This was quickly answered by 3 points from beyond the arch. Again James sunk 2 points and was answered with another 3 points from Grantham. We quickly learned to shut that down and the game just seemed to flow naturally from there…. There was plenty of movement in and around the key, with plenty of space left by the defenders and we played patiently for things to open up. In defense, we pressured the ball well with a few double teams and talking out the screens. They were very hesitant with the ball, although I applaud the efforts that they made.
At half time we were up 23 to 12 and the damage had only half been done. The rest of the game was a little showtime-ish, Gareth and Nima both getting some rim on layups, not quite dunk-worthy, we had plenty of fast breaks including an almost tip in off a James to Nima pass… Final scoreline was 46 vs 21. A worthy margin that should get us back into the competition.

No points on my behalf tonight, not enough time with the ball near the hoop and always seeing better opportunities when I did have possession…. Defense was great fun crowding the ball carrier, and avoiding the screens, although the refs could have called a few moving screens and arm-pushes at times….

Well done to the whole team on a great game played, Ethan did quite well in his late entry to the court as well. We should play like that every week!!! Next week is early season kicking off at 7:15 against Xtreme. Looking like a tough game especially with several players out…..