This week seemed like a showcase game as we took on Xtreme. In normal fashion Nima went in for the tip to Garth who then sent the ball to James for an easy in basket. Momentum just kept on building in offense as Garth sank 3 points on the next run down the court. Defense was also xtremely strong as we applied plenty of pressure to the ball carrier and locked down the key limiting Xtreme to 7 points for the first half, running our own tally up to 21.

The second half felt like a more physical affair with quite a number of fouls flying about, a number of which weren’t picked up by the refs. Our passing got quite sloppy as well with a number of no-look passes ending up in our competitors hands, perhaps deserving a good glance at least. Xtreme actually won the second half by way of points, however it wasn’t enough to rival our early efforts. Final score being 31 v 20.

A great game for Gareth this week with plenty of fast breaks, almost dunking all of them, paired with some great defensive intercepts and good pressure on the ball. I took a bit of a beating physically, being knocked over on a couple of occasions. Once again a strong defensive game, with a couple of steals and forcing a number of turnovers…. Still need some support on that front though. I ran into quite a number of screens without warning from the team… Again, nothing much on the offensive side, a couple of breakaways down the court without a connecting pass, unfortunately…

After the game, we were mucking around, warming down and what-not when no other teams showed up after us to play, so we ended up playing a 15 minute full-court 5 on 5 ‘training’ game. It was plenty of fun and a good way to build the team up a bit more. Some of the guys seemed to open up heaps more than during normal games, now we just need to keep them that way!!

Next week the Mighty Kites take on Midnight Gamblers at 10:15pm. Sadly this will be my first game missed as I will be abroad in Hong Kong…. I don’t think there’ll be a match report, but the guys shouldn’t have a problem getting up against them.