Memories can be an amazingly wonderful thing,

Whilst I’ve been here in Hong Kong there have been a couple that have made an impression, so much so that they seem to bring a cheekish grin to my face as I frequent the place they’ve originated.

The first and most memorable was when we left the apartments this morning, heading out to have lunch with the dads in-laws. Walking down the street, I noticed, as I quite often tend to do, a girl, and a cute one at that. She tended to stand out as she was a brunette and not Asian. I showed quite a bit of interest in her as we walked down the street, stood at the traffic lights and crossed the road, and she seemed to reciprocate. The flirty smile and eyes definitely made their impression on my mind, but with places to be and people to see, it was hard to get away and do anything. Now when I walk past St Paul’s Covenant School I have a nice cheeky grin and a lasting memory. If only it were to be more than that.

The second moment is less impressive, but along the same lines…. After brunch, we went to see dads auntie in a nursing home. We caught a tram over there and whilst on this tram, a pretty girl boarded and proceeded to sit next to me. She was quite slender and tall, and after she’d sat down, she was flicking through an A4 sized folio. Glancing over; it was her portfolio of photos. She ended up seeming quite vain as she continuously looked in her compact mirror and touched herself up for the remainder of the ride, but it’s something that I wouldn’t have expected to see on the streets of Hong Kong.