This morning after an early wake up, quick shower and breakfast; a tasty, cheap wonton & egg noodles, we caught the MTR and KCR out to Fan Ling, a district/suburb in the outer east. The purpose of the trip was to go and visit my nana’s memorial site.
We met up with dads brothers and sisters and wandered over to this temple/cemetery. It’s not like the kind we have in Australia, since they don’t have that much space around Hong Kong, people are generally cremated, or buried in remote areas. Either way, they have a space in the memorial which is basically a rectangular box in a wall which gets covered over with a photo and the general details of the deceased. At the bottom of these walls are ledges to accommodate food, incense and other assorted commodities to help the departed in their so-called afterlife. Outside there is also a large fireplace where people are able to burn objects to send to the afterlife as well.
We’d been there once before, this time seemed a little more overwhelming though, the incense got to me, along with my auntie expecting me to follow their traditions. Both interesting and disturbing in the same experience…