Tonight I had the pleasure of seeing Jamie Lidell perform live as a 5 piece band at The Forum.

As you may know, I hadn’t heard much of Lidell prior to last year, but was educated on a routine visit to the Virgin Megastore one lunchtime…

Jamie was proudly presented by the oldschool crew; Madracket, who sporadically throw parties at Marrickville Bowls. Their DJs were on warm up, transition and closing duties. Simon Caldwell, a long time spinner, did especially well on transition from Ray Man 3 to Lidell with lo-fi jazzy hip-hop to 70s disco.

Jamies’ show started off with the drummer hammering out some beats as the remained of the band made their way on stage sans Jamie. They played for a little while before Jamie appeared on stage with a wacky headpiece covering his eyes and proceeded to sing, finally removing it half way through the track.
As the 1 hour show continued things started to get wonderfully stranger. First off was a crazy vocal instrument, played/sung by Andre Vida, AKA ‘THE Instrument’. This thing looked like a clarinet with keys instead of buttons covering holes and a microphone in place told the mouthpiece and reed. When spoken/sung/shouted into it seemed to mimic yet distort the voice. The distortion seemed to be based on intensity, however it could have also just been the key(s) pressed… Andre also amazed by being able to play an alto and a tenor sax at the same time; one with each hand, the alto remaining in a stand.
The next talent was from the drummer: Willie B, who not only was a particularly good hoola hoopist, as demonstrated after the bands short interlude, but whilst playing drums he was also able to play the bassliness, seemingly with his left foot… I wasn’t particularly aware of this until Yogi pointed it out to me and I searched the stage for a bass guitarist and found only the keys, lead guitar, drums, woodwind and Jamie, who could have been playing from his laptop, but that theory fell through when they went a bit more adlib. It seems that he incorporates organ bass pedals into his drum setup, which is amazing!!

Tracks I can remember hearing were (thanks to a little help from Julie)
Another Day, Little Bit of Feelgood, Wait For Me, Green Light, All I Wanna Do, Figures Me Out, Where D’You Go, What’s The Use?, Game for Fools and Multiply.

The crowd got right into it and Jamie enjoyed it; encouraging sing-a-longs whenever he could. Definitely a gig that belongs up there with the best of them…