A great chance tonight to put us back on the path for a successful season as we took on And Far Away.

We had a full roster with 9 all fired up and itching to play. Nimas’ tip lead to some early points and it was run after run for a solid first quarter, resulting in 18 points. Things quietened down after that as we went a little too fancy and they step up their defense a bit…

Despite our efforts to fire up for the third quarter things were still a little sloppy, luckily this was the case for both teams and we managed to break out and away with plenty of strong defense leading to numerous steals and turnovers. I’m unsure of the final score, but it was something in the vicinity of 41 to 12…

The whole team played well. Gareth tipped a couple of balls in off the rim, he and Nima also had a couple of dunk attempts, unfortunately they both weren’t able to sucessfully stuff the ball through. Ethan blocked a couple of shots, and a couple of the guys hit some three pointers too.

I enjoyed my time on the court, applying defensive pressure whenever I could. That resulted in quite a number of steals and interceptions. I do need to work on my layups and free throws because I only made 1 of 4 free throws and missed about four or five layups. I’m feeling quite sore now as well after being heavily fouled on a layup attempt, I think the refs called an un-sportsman-like foul because the guy was sent off… I landed on my right side and it seems that my elbow may have broken the majority of the fall hence it’s current pain.

Next week we’re off on a bye before taking on Team Beerfest at 10:15 in Round 14.