Tonight the Mighty Kites went up against Grantham for a physical battle on the courts. We almost had a full team, with the exception of Nima and Callum.

Gareth stepped up for the tip this week and sent the ball flying off the court. I’m not sure why but the point score went really really slowly, by quarter time we’d only snuck past 10 points, both teams playing very tight and heavy defense, but not breaking through well on offense….

The second half was just as bad, except we’d slowed down on the fouls and continued to force them to foul, bringing up 7 to send us to the line for each additional foul, and removing one of their players who had notched up 5. In the dying minutes of the game we held up the ball as much as we could after we were ahead, but stupid mistakes almost lost us the game with Gratham being able to throw up 2 shots in the last half a minute. Lucky for us they were greedy over smart and threw up three pointers rather than just laying up 2 points. The final scoreline being 24 v 23 in our favour. Too close for comfort.

Next week we’re up against WK at 7:15.