Since coming along to St Pauls Carlingford in 2003 they’ve made the informed change from NIV to ESV. When purchasing I decided, along with my Dad, to purchase the Classic Reference Bible in black Genuine Leather with red text for Jesus‘ words. It’s served me well over the 5-6 years I’ve been using it, however it is slowly falling apart; from Galatians 6 through to the concordance has detached itself from the spine in various sized sections, from a few books down to 1 singular page.

So on my daily trawl through the internet on my Google Reader RSS feeds, I came across this post on Frank Turk’s blog …and his ministers A FLAME OF FIRE which then led me to investigate this post on A Boomer in the Pew who, having just turned 1 year old, are giving away a new Calfskin ESV Study Bible.
This post half qualifies me for an entry, though I do have doubts about my winning…. There are 252 entries at the time of this posting…..