This week the Mighty Kites went up against Midnight Gamblers in a late night tangle…

With the exception of John and myself, we had a full team of 7, matched up against four to start with, later joined by a fifth. The tip went our way with some amount of force setting up Gareth for an easy opening basket, however, it didn’t fall and Gamblers came away with the crumbs. Luckily their attempt also missed. This was to be the main story of the first half; an uphill battle of to and fro, no team jumping out in front with a handsome lead…. by the end of first half the scores were pretty even around 12 a piece give or take 2 points….

The next quarter would play out much the same… head to head baskets and failed attempts until a leveled out score at 18 points a piece, then the scales started to tip… I attribute it to the tightening up of our defense after a time out called by the Gamblers; our zone was tighter, keeping them out from driving, forcing hopeless 3 point shots, of which none went in all night long, turnovers on occasional drives through tight spaces and fumbled rebounds. We made use of the quick change and ran some breaks, but the main source of our points here was Nima driving to the basket with his signature finger-roll. It became apparent that the loss was inevitable for the Gamblers and it seemed that some of the guys almost gave up, whilst others tried too hard and forced fouls, and some silly and unnecessary ones at that, one being an unsportsmanlike on James during a fast break, coming from behind with a hardish hit. At the end of the day, or night as it were, they went down and were ok with it. Final score was 28 vs 20.

Definite star player tonight was Nima but everyone else played well, there were plenty of steals taken by everyone. It did feel more like a bunch of individuals playing the same game though, only dishing to others if there was no other option, something I’d like to see change….

I’m hoping to get back on the court for next week, depending on when my outer meniscus clicks back into place and I feel comfortable to get out there. Bruins will be our opponents and we take the court at 9:30pm. It’ll be the second last game before the 2 week final series. We were still sitting on 5th before the game tonight and may have moved to equal fourth, if not outright fourth.