Had the pleasure of dining with some of my fellow St Paulians today down at <a href="World Square Pub, previously named Equilibrium. At the table were Ally Serje, Manny Costigan, Becky Chan and Josh Lear; a smaller number than I’d expected, but still great company nonetheless.

The menu was filled with plenty of interesting dishes, but I opted for the Pear & Cider Chicken with chats. It came well presented: almost a quarter of a chicken, a stack of chargrilled eggplant & capsicum and the chats with some sundried tomatoes, topped off with the cider sauce. There were a few things wrong with the dish which meant that it didn’t satisfy as much as I’d expected:

  • the chicken was to be a breast, stuffed with pear, mine was not breast and there was no pear flavour that I could pick up.
  • the taste was quite bland overall, especially the chicken, vegetables and sauce.

As a dining venue, the pub is a nice place, itdoesnt feel like a pub at all. Prices are a little on the expensive side, but reasonable for the city. I’d head back there for a drink at least, not too sure about eating there; whilst the food choices are interesting, I’m wary of their execution.