A few changes afoot on CHONGLAND, most notably on the main site with a theme change. This is something that is in progress and updating per acceptable version….

I decided that I’d like (yet another) re-theme. Certain elements were a target, but as I thought about it more and more it became apparent that I wanted to change more and more… Some words of wisdom from Sam ‘Rusty’ Russell [one half of The Fountainside and the first featured guest on The Pilgrims Podcast by Mark Earngey of seeing in a mirror dimly and Stephen Gardner of All Things New] encouraged me to update in small increments rather than putting off the whole change till EVERYTHING I wanted to implement was done.

So what’s changed??

  • Search function located in the top right hand corner
  • Login panel in the header. Features a few easy links for logged in users
  • RSS subscription link in the header as well
  • Full posts now show only on the individual posts page. Front page is more of a summary
  • Tidied up the meta data for posts
  • Played around with the footer information. A few new widgets. More changes to come here.

Now I have the arduous task of going through old posts to re-categorise and tag them. Should be an interesting trip down memory lane….

So what do you think?? Is there anything I could do to improve these changes, or is there anything else you’d like to see?? Do you miss the comment counter or the photos?