I read (or at least used to) this Tumblr (an artsy type blogging platform) by Rachel Manchester, I guess I’d class her as an acquaintance…. Someone I’ve seen and know of, have communicated with, but not actually met. This was one of her last posts before going on hiatus:


things in life i need to discipline:
– computer/internet use
– compulsive iphone checking
– bedtime
– quiet times
– morning times
– school planning work
– eating well
– exercise
– money
– being outdoors

per day
– can check facebook three times per day (including phone check)
– can spend maximum one hour online (total)
– no tumblr
– must go to bed before 10:30pm unless out
– only three nights out a week
– prayer and praise on the way to school
– quiet times as soon as home from school (unless circumstantial)
– out of bed at 5:50am every morning
– eat breakfast at home
– stay back at school for at least an hour to mark and plan each afternoon
– free periods at school scheduled
– to do lists realistic and completed
– three meals a day. 2L water a day.
– at least one outdoor activity per day (no excuses)
– three instances of exercise per week
– money transferred for london trip within 24 hours of pay
– no extras bought between now and july
– read a book a week

It looks like a great plan of action to make some changes in ones life. I’m keen to take a leaf or two out of her book and work on a few disciplines as well. Here’s the disciplinary list:

  • bedtime
  • morning times
  • quiet times
  • prayer
  • eating well
  • screen time
  • home cleanliness & service
  • site maintenance, creativity
  • physical wellbeing
  • money

And the action/reactions:

  • bed by 10:15 (unless out)
  • up at 5:15am
  • 1st devotional bible reading after shower
  • breakfast before train
  • prayer session on train
  • 3rd devotional bible reading when home
  • 4th devotional bible reading before bed
  • exercise knee daily
  • weights 3 times a week
  • file things away, throw things away
  • bi weekly site updates at a minimum
  • minimum weekly photo shoots
  • three meals a day. 2L water a day.
  • budget & stick to it. Pay off loan asap

Looks like a sturdy list of things to do. Keep up on telling me if I’m dropping the ball, ask me how I’m going etc etc.
Are there any things you need to go about changing in your life?? Got a standard plan of action?? How’s that workin out for you?