So far this term I’ve not mentioned what we’ve been doing in Bible Study, unlike last term. Here’s a quick catch-up:

We’ve also been starting off the night reading a range of articles based on current topics that may have come up within the group. This has been a rather interesting part of the night. We’ve read the following articles, and I’m planning on posting up a summary and thoughts on some of them.

  • Rewards in the Age to Come by Tim Thorburn
  • Getting to the heart of the Hillsong worship ‘revolution’ by Peter Collier
  • Between here and eternity by Tim Patrick
  • On the dangers of Christian shorthand: ‘Going to heaven’ by Christopher Ash
  • The very useful doctrine of original sin by Ross Allen – Summary: Offensive Original Sin

Being able to read these articles has I suppose given me some perspective on what’s been happening around Christian circles, whereas I doubt these topics or issues would have been a blip on my radar previously. Mike believes we’re an influential part of 7fifteen, so it’s good to think about things in a wider sense, both to shape the current structure moving forward, and also to guard against things which could potentially harm.

Our main line of study is Evangelism. Mike has been writing some studies based on about 5 resources which have helpful and less helpful parts to them, leaving us with the best bits of all. The last 5 topics we’ve gone through are:

  1. God’s Glory – Basically the Why
  2. Love
  3. Prayer
  4. Money
  5. Connect

in conjunction with the topics, we’ve had memory verses, similar to the ones from 2 ways to live.

So there’s the catch-up. Regular posts coming up after the weekly study.
What have you been looking at in the bible?? Are your studies engaging and interesting??