For this weeks catch-up Julie and I got along to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) to check out their latest exhibition:

Rising Tide: Film & Video Works From The MCA Collection

26 June – 23 August 2009

This exhibition represents the second in a two-part exchange of collections between the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, California. This significant collaboration was inaugurated in 2008 with the major exhibition Southern Exposure, which featured works by west coast American artists from the collection of MCA San Diego.

In 2009, the collaboration continues with Rising Tide: Film & Video Works from the MCA Collection. This exhibition showcases film and video works by contemporary Australian artists, which have been acquired over the past six years. It reveals some of the many thematic and conceptual approaches taken to screen- and projection-based media today through the work of both younger and well established Australian practitioners. Participating artists include Destiny Deacon, Shaun Gladwell,The Kingpins, Jess MacNeil, Todd McMillan, TV Moore, Kate Murphy, David Noonan, Susan Norrie, Patricia Piccinini, Tony Schwensen and Daniel von Sturmer.

This exhibition opens at the MCA San Diego in February 2009, before being presented at the MCA Sydney as part of its winter season.

There were some really weird pieces on display and some cool ones as well…
Most enjoyable for me was a ‘pseudo’ music video projected against two end walls of a corridor. On one end was reminiscent of Kiss, with a fluro spin on it… The other featured four people jogging in a single file line around Sydney city and doing dancing routines in Starbucks. It was an interesting timing on the videos which at times would show on one wall only, or even flicker between both walls.

The other one I enjoyed featured a girl was swimming through what seemed to be an endless ocean, but then submerging herself and remaining below the waters for a period… It seemed to highlight the calmness of below the surface compared to above.

There was one final piece that sparked my interest, but didn’t get a chance to watch it for too long…. there were 5 screens, with four moving portraits and in the middle was a camera focused on a book of loose leaf scraps of paper. On these scraps were prayers, this older sounding lady was reflecting on and sharing these prayers with the viewer, telling us when, why and for whom she prays them. Definitely one I’d like to revisit and watch in it’s entirety….