On Saturday I spent the majority of my day at the Newport Arms Hotel to mark the engagement of Geoff and Tiff.

I rocked up just after 2pm with Geoff, Tiff and Kim to find the place pretty busy with the lunchtime rush; sitting in the sun, looking over the water and enjoying their time. There was already a table of people when we arrived; we were a tad late on account of a compounded effort.

As the day progressed, many people turned up; uni friends, current and previous church peoples and family. It was good to see and catch up with the many people that I used to church with and don’t get too see as often any more. It was funny how some groups seemed to just keep to themselves, and how others branched out to meet other people. It was also good to meet baby Milo.

For dinner I had the Atlantic Salmon with chips and salad. It was really average, especially for the price…. There wasn’t much to the flavour and it was a bit dry as well.

I got some happy snaps which are up on Flickr, including some guest portrait shots by Geoff.

At the end of the night, about 10:30pm, we ended up leaving the Arms and headed back to Geoff’s place where the happy couple opened some engagement presents before we called it a day/night.