At the start of the year we looked at an article on “how to be in a small group” which listed helpful tips on how a member should act and why we were there, or why we should be there. I have noticed that I’ve fallen off a bit on them, you may have as well, so as we start up again for the second semester of bible study, I thought I’d offer a timely reminder along with some ideas about how to action them…

  1. Turning Up
  2. Generally an easy one to keep. Plan to go, make arrangements early if you need transport. Let other group members or the leaders know if you have any troubles, chances are that they will be able to organise someone or something to get you there

  3. Preparing
  4. Probably one of the hardest to do. If you know what you’re studying then read the passage, and parts around it to give you some context. Think through the passage, if something puzzles you write it down, someone else may be in the same boat, or may suggest an answer or explanation…
    Don’t know what you’re studying?? Ask the leaders.
    Had homework or something outstanding from the previous study?? Do the homework or investigate and discuss the outstanding with people.

  5. Praying
  6. Be dedicated to praying for the group.
    Pray before for the study, that those in attendance will have concentration and passion to study and discuss.
    Pray after for the things that were learnt, for the difficult things to understand, and for application to lives.
    Pray for the members of the group, make a note of their prayer points and pray over them. If you feel comfortable, let them know you’re praying for them, and/or ask them how they’re going with some of their previous points.

  7. Being Personal
  8. Share your real life with the group, both the ups and the downs. Get to know the members of the group, be interested in them and the things going on in their lives and they should hopefully reciprocate.

  9. Loving Each Other
  10. This one is a culmination of the previous 4 plus some more; serve each other, listen to each other, look to the good of the other people first.