This year I changed hair salons from Beecroft to Castle Hill, the reason being that my stylist had left the salon and I wasn’t too pleased with the replacement(s). After three cuts with Ashley I was very pleased with her work and we’d built up a nice rapport, but alas she no longer works at Imagination as I found out on my latest visit.

I’m a little bit particular about my hair, but I had always thought that I was an easy going, easy to please client; I don’t mind how my hair is cut as long as:

  • It’s not extreme.
  • I can style it down for work and up to go out
  • Working at a bank means that we need to be a bit conservative, but then being out on the party circuit also means that I want to stack up to others out there.

  • It’s cut differently to the last time
  • I’m paying for a concept, wash, cut and style. If the concept isn’t there this time why should I pay the same price for re-use on my head??

This gives both me and the stylist room to grow, adapt and learn. It is tailored more towards the creative though, however I don’t see that as a bad thing.

On this visit to Imagination I felt a little awkward as I’d pretty much only dealt with Ashley and didn’t really know any of the other girls. They also seemed to whisper a bit here and there and it felt like it may have been about me.
The girl that cut my hair didn’t speak much, so I didn’t speak much, but if she had of made an effort then I would have happily reciprocated, instead it was all business with only a few questions about how the cut was going and what was done last time… When I came out of the cut, it felt like nothing much had been done, there wasn’t a noticeable change or any advice on wearing my hair….

I definitely didn’t feel like I got my monies worth, so the search begins (for the third time since arriving in Sydney) anew for an impressive and creative salon that doesn’t charge a heap, but will satisfy my requirements. Does anyone have any recommendation at all??