I am by no means a coffee connoisseur, you’d have to look to Guthers or Rusty for that, and to their roasting business: threebeansroasters, but this morning I got along to St Ali for breakfast after having a few recommendations….

It was a little difficult to find the place…. The concierge at my hotel had no idea about the place, having not even heard about it. Mr Turner had told me to take the 112 tram down to South Melbourne and get off at some street and it was a quick stroll from there. So I managed to jump on the 112 and catch it along Clarendon St. As it stopped just before York St I had a feeling that I should have gotten off there; by the time the tram stopped next I regretted not getting off at York St. I wandered about for a little before stumbling down Yarra Pl to St Ali, a well hidden gem.

Once inside, the friendly staff greeted me and told me to sit wherever, offering me a menu and a coffee to start; I opted for a latte whilst I decided what to eat. The non-standard menu has plenty of interesting combinations of foods, and a fairly broad build your own breakfast option. I ended up choosing the buttercup pancakes with yogurt, pear slices with sesame seeds and maple syrup. The three pancakes were very filling, I struggled to make my way through them… The taste was also quite interesting…

During my meal I was trying to decide on what coffee to finish off with…. I’d heard about a syphon coffee before and decided that I would give it a go… They were offering a Kenyan Fine Estate on the blackboard, with characteristic flavours of white peach and honey. When the syphon came out, it was steaming and looked like a cup of tea, I gave it some time to cool down, which brings out the flavours, so I’m told, and sipped on it. I think I caught some hints of white peach through the slightly bitter taste as I slowly drank it down.

I enjoyed my time at St Ali, the staff were warm, the coffees were tasty and the food was interesting. Definitely recommend it to anyone who’s in Melbourne.