Last night, the 31st January 2010, we stepped into a new era as our church launched afresh as Graceat6, complete with a new website [].

It’s an exciting time and we had a large number of people gathered together, new and old, to mark the occasion. What is changing is the feel of the service and how we go about being a part of the body of Christ.

Our Mission statement reads:
Real with God
Real with Each Other
Real with The World

Each week we will be meeting together for a meal, reading & learning from the bible, praying and singing together.

We’ll be hearing Mike preach from Luke 19-24 as a lead up to Easter. We’ve also been given a helpful daily reading guide with questions to ponder. It’s available to view and download on the website if you’re keen to follow along as well. It’s a great tool for those that find it difficult to commit to reading, thinking, and praying through passages in the bible and will hopefully instil some great reading habits.

I’m interested to see how things pan out, how we meld together in love and service with each other, and how, if at all, the dynamics of our church change.

p.s. I had a small video cameo in the growth groups video, which you can see on the website under partners -> growth groups.