Amongst these 13 verses, I was suprised at how many things seemed to strike me.

First off was the seraphim that stood above the Lord who is seated upon the throne. He covers himself with 4 of his 6 wings in the presence of the Lord. How often do we find ourselves coming before the Lord without the same kind of reverence or respect??

Second was what Isaiah says in the presence of the Lord. He is lost; not belonging because he has unclean lips, and so the seraphim cleanses his lips with a burning coal.
Next is the Lord‘s call and Isaiah’s answer of Here am I! Send me. It’s such a quick response, seemingly without hesitation or thought. Something I, and indeed we, don’t do often.
Lastly is the message the Lord gives to the people, through Isaiah, that they hear but not understand, see but not perceive and have dull hearts.