Our youth group SALT has just wrapped up their 4 day camp AWESOME for another year. This year was my second year being involved as tech guy and photographer. Despite being an incredibly draining time, I am still buzzing about what happened at AWESOME; the way that everyone banded together as a community of brothers and sisters in Christ, loving and serving each other.

Highlights for me for this year were

  • hearing talks on Acts from Catto, and seeing the passion that she has
  • hanging out with some of the year 12 guys; being able to encourage them in ways that they can love and serve and seeing their maturity in Christ
  • humbly serving with the audio visual; seeing the gratitude of everyone for the great gifts that God has given to me

I wrote a letter to all those at AWESOME encouraging them to use the gifts that God has blessed them with and I pray that they do take these words on board.