So I’ve been slack in jumping into reading my bible so far this year…. You know the whole good intentions thing, but what good are intentions without action???

I’ve been investigating some structures for regularly reading bible over the years, some working better than others.
This year I’ve settled on going through The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan which was developed by The Navigators all the way back in 1983.
The plan has 4 readings a day over the course of 25 days a month, giving room for catch-up if you miss a few, or flexibility to power ahead.

It even comes as a PDF version with tick-boxes to record how you’re going:
Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan PDF

I was Facebook chatting with James Armstrong this morning and have decided to take up this plan together, encouraging and keeping each other accountable in this reading plan. For those interested in joining us on this journey as brothers (and sisters) in Christ, let me/us know and jump on board!!!